Monday, June 26, 2017

Term 3 - We are gearing up!

Dear S401 students,

Hope everyone has a productive time during the June break.

Here is the latest update.

1.  New Timetable

Here is the latest timetable.  Do take note that Tuesday, 27th June will follow time-table.   From 7th July onwards, timetable will be as per normal.

2.  Hair & Grooming

Please come in as presentable young ladies and gentlemen.

3.  Briefing for HMTL & MTL Oral

Please assemble in Auditorium for morning assembly on Tuesday, 27th June.  There will be a briefing for upcoming GCE 'O' HMTL & MTL Oral.  Be punctual!

4.  Update on Class Blog

Please continue to update the Class Blog on homework reminders.  Shanice, you have done a good job.  Please continue to remind your peers to update it when it comes to their turn.  Thank you!

5.  Common Test

You will sit for the 2nd phrase of Common Test from 28th June till 6th July.   The venue will be at MPH.  All the best!

See you!

Lots of Love,

Mdm Azizah.Ahmad