Friday, January 20, 2017

Homework 20 January

Dear Class,

These are the homework for today.

  Summarise page 99-108 of your Geography Textbook (Human Geography) in a graphic organiser/table etc

English Language
 Writing a Personal Narative (Via Google Form)
 The EL Magazine (Discussion) where Mr Pan will randomly ask people to present in class

 Coordination and Response Workbook

  Complete the entire worksheet for Energy Changes (Chemistry Workbook)
  Bring Chemistry Workbook and put it in your locker. 

  Complete Math Assignment 1 (Practical Applications in Maths)
  Complete Math O Level Question for Practical Applications in Maths 2016 (The one-piece paper that is printed upside down)
  Visit the Money Changer & Take a picture of the exchange rate (Friday/Saturday/Sunday)

Higher Chinese Language
  Complete your HCL "FunPack" by this weekend! 

That should be all for the homework. Have a great weekend! Thank you! 

P.S. If I have missed out any homework, please feel free to add on to the list :)

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  1. Biology:
    Coordination and Response Workbook

    Writing A Personal Narrative
    The EL Magazine (discussion) which Mr Pan will randomly ask people to present in class


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